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We count tall processing of organic and conventional materials to beverages, extracts our strengths as well.

We produce high quality NFC juices, nectars, extracts and purees from delivered goods.
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As a family business, we process healthy fruit to fruit juices and fruit wines since 1935. In 2008, we began to distill various fruits and vegetables to quality and gold medal winning spirits. We now look back to 3 generations of experience in beverage processing.


We see ourselves as a reliable partner in joint projects and advise you in realizing your ideas. An English communication is possible in speech and language.


Whether juicing exotic fruits or roots up to extracting teas and bottling own juices and wines. We try to support you with your ideas and our know-how. We process and produce conventional products and organic raw materials as well.

Our bottles, your label

With our bottling plant, we are able to hot fill glass bottles in different sizes in disposable or reusable containers. This includes, for example, the volumes 0,2; 0.5; 0.7; 0.75 and 1.0 liters.
We fill e.g. organic juices, wines or special extracts from dried or fresh compounds.
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